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Cilento, viaggiare in… formati” is the educational trip proposed by Paidea that combines fun and learning. Organized in the magnificent setting of Cilento, it combines active and innovative teaching methods with travel and excursions to places of historical and cultural interest.

During their stay, which can vary from 3 to 5 days*, the students will be engaged in workshops and seminars that picked among four themes: the Mediterranean diet, coding and robotics, entrepeneurship education or soft skills and orientation to the world of work.

This residential project takes place at the Hotel Village Copacabana located in Marina di Casal Velino, in one of these four timeframes:

  • March 
  • April
  • May
  • October


Training topics

One can pick from four themes: comics, fumetto, icoding, the Mediterranean diet, startup and orientation.

Cilento, viaggiare in... formati - Paidea


The training stay focused on the use of comics as a teaching method.

After attending the seminars on storytelling and comics, the students will discuss current issues (bullying, violence against women, cyberbullying, legality, etc.) in order to create a self-contained comic panel. At the end of the stay, the group that created the best cartoon will receiver an award.


The Mediterranean diet

During their stay, the students will attend seminars, visit typical places, be guests of local farms, participate in educational workshops and be involved in sporting activities. This way, they will learn the secrets and curiosities about a healthy diet, while combining fun and learning.


A full immersion into the world of coding and fun! Three days to learn programming by playing and challenging their teammates with SCRACTH and ROBOT! For high schools it will be also possible to program the brand new Roobokart from the Roobopoli project together with certified trainers.

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Startup and orientation

Focusing on entrepeneurship education means offering young people the tools to develop a proactive approach and skills so that this can translate into individual and collective growth paths, regardless of the subjects studied in school.

Cilento, viaggiare in... formati - Paidea

Lenght of the stay

The Educational Institution can choose the lenght of the stay. There is a basic package of 3 days (2 nights) but it is possible to customize the duration of the project. In agreement with our staff, it would be possible to stay from 2 days (1 night), up to 5 days (4 nights).

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Up to 8 hours per day, within the confines of the project, can be certified as part of the PCTO projects.

The complete program is available upon request via e-mail to 

*The accommodation facility may vary according to availability

[1] The referred timeframes and programs may vary depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation. During the stay, all the measures and health protocols foreseen to counter the COVID-19 spread will be adopted. Schools can book the stay “with reserve” by canceling the trip due to COVID related reasons up to 20 days before departure. The advance will be paid only upon confirmation of the trip and within 15 days of departure.
[2] The timeframes are to be considered excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays


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