Educational trips

Paidea, viaggiare in… formati” is the educational trip that combines fun and learning. The project is targeted at students from any level, and is organized in collaboration with the main tour operators specialized in school tourism.

A unique trip that combines active didactic methodologies and excursions to landmarks of great historic and cultural insterest.

The students will be received at the structure, and, during their stay, will actively take part in numerous workshops that will turn their school trip into an unforgettable experience.

An adventure that will give them the chance to learn in a fun way, to spend quality time with their classmates and, most of all, build a “school trip” that they will remember for years to come.

Training topics

The activities can be picked among various topics: comics, coding, the Mediterranean diet, startup and orientation. All topics of interest for young people and with an undeniable educational value.

Paidea, viaggiare in... formati
Cilento, viaggiare in... formati - Paidea


The training stay focused on the use of comics as a teaching method.

After attending the seminars on storytelling and comics, the students will discuss current issues (bullying, violence against women, cyberbullying, legality, etc.) in order to create a self-contained comic panel. At the end of the stay, the group that created the best cartoon will receiver an award.


The Mediterranean diet

During their stay, the students will attend seminars, visit typical places, be guests of local farms, participate in educational workshops and be involved in sporting activities. This way, they will learn the secrets and curiosities about a healthy diet, while combining fun and learning.


A full immersion into the world of coding and fun! Three days to learn programming by playing and challenging their teammates with SCRACTH and ROBOT! For high schools it will be also possible to program with Arduino and challenge themselves with text based programming!

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Startup and orientation

Focusing on entrepeneurship education means offering young people the tools to develop a proactive approach and skills so that this can translate into individual and collective growth paths, regardless of the subjects studied in school. Our expert will present them with role playing scenarios and activities that will allow the students to better know themselves and their own potential.

Cilento, viaggiare in... formati - Paidea

Guaranteed fun

During the stay, there will be no lack of excursions, free time and recreational activities that will strengthen the bond of the group and allow the students to recharge their energy for the next activity! In addition, the students, divided in groups, will be involved in a special competition with prizes in store for the most creative and original output!


High School and PCTO

The hours spent in the scope of the project (up to 8 per day) can be certified for PCTO.


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