GAD: a new way of teaching through augmented reality

What is GAD

The GAD project stems from the will to meet one of the most urgent European needs, which is qualifying the digital skills of educational and professional institutions. GAD aims to develop a tool that will enable trainers, teachers and educators to innovate their teaching practices through the integration of technology and, more specifically, augmented reality. The GAD game is a platform where it will be possible to create lessons and quizzes that use augmented reality to provide an immersive and engaging educational experience.

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Practical Examples

The teacher can explain topics showing 3D models of the object addressed to its students, who can see the model from their smartphone and interact with it. At the same time the teacher can create quizzes to submit to its students, which will be supported by 3D images. The teacher can choose to autonomously create the contents and the 3D models or to freely use the resources uploaded by other teachers. This tool is very flexible since it can be used to teach any subject, both scientific and humanistic.


The project is aimed at the creation of an app that develops virtual, creative and engaging environments for learners, qualifies the educators’ DigComps and improves the ability of professionals to create digital educational and learning products. GAD intends to achieve the following objectives:

1) Qualify the educational and pedagogical offer of professionals in the digital environment;

2) Improve the DigComps of professionals and soft skills;

3) Create innovative digital educational prototypes.

GAD Game is a European project funded by Erasmus+ (

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