Planning and reporting

Paidea supports educational institutions in obtaining European, national, regional, provincial, chamber of commerce funding, etc.

Our planning team supports the educational institution throughout the whole process, from planning to submitting the financing request, providing the applicants with any information necessary for participating in the call for bid and the necessary technical-administrative support.

Every bid and courses presented is analyzed, though out and designed for the single educational institution.

A few examples of available financing: NOP, STEM, ESF, ERDF, Chamber of Commerce, Scuola Viva, Erasmus, etc.

Services connected to the design activity include:

Analysis of project ideas and targeted monitoring

Target monitoring of calls for bid, funding opportunities and EU tenders. Analysis of project ideas and identification of the most suited European programmes;

Project development and drafting

Development of proposals based on the school’s needs. Drafting refers to all the phases of planning: development of the work program and project phases, definition of roles and partner research, definition of budget according to the criteria required by the different programmes;

Definition and management of partnership, networks and consortia

A transnational network, together with the team’s experience, allows schools to be effectively assisted in defining and creating networks, partnerships and consortia most suited for the project. The consultancy can also include the management of partnerships in the phases of realization of the project, starting from defining the Agreement;

Progettazione e rendicontazione - Paidea
Progettazione e rendicontazione - Paidea

Project management

Project Management in all its phases, including reporting.

Consulting on internal procedures

We also support the DS and DSGA in carrying out internal procedures (internal calls for bids, advertising, assignments etc.)


In the event that a project includes education activities (both for the teachers and the students) our experts are available to help.

Equipment rental and purchase of consumables

If included in the project, we can complete a proposal with rental of equipment (e.g.: 3D printers, PCs, tablets, notebooks, educational robots, etc.) or the purchase of consumables (e.g.: stationery, PLA filaments, educational kits, etc.).

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