Training for teachers

Paidea offers teachers every tool to make their lessons even more interesting and engaging! Teacher training has become an essential practice in educational institutions of all levels.

However, our goal is not to transform teachers into students, but to share new teaching methodologies with them. In fact, the trainers will flank the teachers along a path that does not involve passive listening by the learners, but, otherwise, sees them as protagonists of the entire path, thanks to workshops, practical exercises and the sharing of educational materials.

The courses can happen in one’s own school, face-to-fase or remotely, following the signing of a designated agreement. Finally, Paidea offers online courses for individual teachers.

Here’s some of the courses the teachers could choose with Paidea:

Storytelling and digital storytelling

Let’s learn how to tell a story… a digital one! Many ideas, suggestions, and innovative tools to create digital stories, animations, e-books, and much more;

Coding and educational robotics

Let’s solve problems with coding and programming educational robots! From pixel art to, from Scratch to the programming of self-driving vehicles!


Using games in teaching and how to build games to improve learning;

Corsi per docenti - Paidea sas
Formazione per docenti - Paidea sas

Socio-affective education

Theory and exercises on how to correctly educate students to affectivity;

Autism spectrum diagnosis

Children with an autism spectrum disorder need adult figures to act as a link between them and their experience, so that the latter acquire cognitive and relational value.

Active teaching methodologies

The frontal lesson is fine but not enough! We will discover together all the techniques and methodologies to make the student the protagonist of learning.

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