BYOR: Build Your Own Robot

What is BYOR?

BYOR is an educational kit that allows you to design, program and give life to different typologies of robots, thanks to a board that acts as a “brain”, and input and output devices.
The output devices respond to the stimuli sent from the input devices, which are sensors that detect elements and their frequency. For example, there are sound, distance and brightness sensors. By connecting these two parts, it’s possible to animate your creations in an easy and fun way. This tool is rightfully positioned as a STEM digital teaching tool.

Who is it for?

BYOR is a very versatile tool. In addition to presenting the basics of educational robotics, it allows you on the designing and creating process of a prototype, a device or an artistic object. Given its ease of use, it is also suitable for primary school children, but the kit can be used to set more ambitious challenges. For example, it is possibile to develop a project idea involving a target group study and the most suitable marketing strategies for placing a product on the market.

With BYOR it is also possible to program

By connecting Micro:bit to the Easyboard, the main board, the student will be able to provide instructions using a block-based programming language, such as Scratch, and will be able to practically experiment the way a code works in order to give life to their robot.
Programming has never been easier!

For the more experienced, it is possible to test themselves and program in Python.

Why choose BYOR?

  • It’s Eco-friendly: no batteries or plastic parts are used, in fact the look of the robot can be customized using recycled materials.
  • It uses Tinkering as a teaching methodology.
    The goal is to enable the students to assemble and combine various elements to give a physical shape to their imagination, challenge themeselves, set goals and experiment with a new approach to knowledge.

Available kits

Starter Programmer Kit

BYOR Starter Programmer Kit - Paidea

  • 1 Easyboard
  • 3 Input sensors
  • 3 Output sensors
  • 1 Power bank
  • Basic accessories
  • Micro:BIT
  • 1 Splitter
  • 3 Cut-out templates


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School Kit Edu

BYOR School Kit - Paidea

  • 2 Easyboard
  • 6 Input sensors
  • 6 Output sensors
  • 2 Power bank
  • Teaching materials
  • Basic accessories
  • 2 Splitter
  • 4 Basic extensors
  • 1 Cut-out template


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