Speak Up For Yourself

The Speak Up For Yourself project arises from the need for support tools in teaching non-verbal children and adolescents. The partnership will create a guide on existing methodologies for teaching students with mental disabilities and autism, aimed at supporting teachers, educators, and trainers working in schools and professional institutes. Best practices and the most effective approaches will be identified to create a guide with tailored practices for students. Finally, to support daily activities, a free app will be developed, available on the Appstore and Google Play Store.


Lead Partner: E.E.E.K Ioanninon (Greece) 

Partners: Paidea sas (Italy), Elit Schools (Türkiye) e l’associazione EIVA (Romania)


  • Make learning more engaging, effective, and inclusive, promoting greater participation and understanding of students.
  • Develop and implement effective strategies to communicate with non-verbal students, enabling them to express themselves and actively participate in the educational environment.
  • Facilitate family and social life by providing tools and resources to improve daily life quality and facilitate social integration.
  • Provide an educational environment that not only supports learning but also prepares students with disabilities for future social and professional integration, offering them the skills and resources needed for an independent and inclusive future.
Progetto Speak Up For Yourself - Paidea

What does the app do?

The application will allow users to create their own personalized visual calendar using images representing concepts. This feature places users at the center of the experience, enabling them to access personalized calendars, create a visual agenda tailored to each user’s needs, and access an extensive image library.

Progetto Speak Up For Yourself - Partner - Paidea