About us

Paidea is a company that deals with education at 360°. Our main mission is to innovate the teaching and learning processes through the constant research of innovative tools and methodologies related to the digital world. Our goal is duplicitous: on the one hand we want to support and encourage the development of teaching skills in order to foster increasingly engaging and interactive learning environments that turn the student into an active player, on the other hand we strive to create didactic paths that provide the learners with the skills required by the world of work and the modern society, which is increasingly technological, to make them competitive and ready for the challenges of the future.

This innovation process is carried out at a national level, through collaboration with schools of all levels and with universities throughout Italy, and at a European level, through the drafting and implementation of projects with a wider impact involving various countries. In addition to training institutes, Paidea is also aimed at young people and companies. As far as young people are concerned, it offers support in the search for educational and professional opportunities and in job orientation, while, for companies, its main task concerns the digitization process aimed at facilitating the management of documents and resources.

Maria Morgese - Co-founder & Creative Manager - Paidea sas

Maria Morgese

Co-founder – Creative Manager

Creative and curious, I deal with researching new methodologies and new teaching tools. I am very sensitive to issues related to the world of women in the STEM field and to the importance of giving each person the tools to be able to choose their future consciously, leaving behind any kind of stereotype. I follow the whole process that revolves around Paidea projects, from the formation of the resources, to the search for new teaching tools, up to their audit.

Alessia Scotti Belli - Co-founder & European Project Manager - Paidea sas

Alessia Scotti Belli

Co-founder – European Project Manager

I have always followed the matters related to innovation and European planning. After various professional experiences that have made it possible for me to acquire new skills in various fields (education, innovation technology, digital communication, project management), I am focusing now my research on new formation methodologies, trying to merge and interact all acquired skills and passions (communication, innovation and foreign languages) into the creation of projects and adaptive paths.

Vera Polese - Co-founder & Account Manager - Paidea sas

Vera Polese

Co-founder – Account Manager

I deal with the management of the active projects with schools, trying to understand and meeting the needs of each individual institution. I take care of the various phases of the project: from the beginning, to monitoring and closure. I have a passion for good food and cooking and I’m a guilty servant of my cat.

Benedetta Feroleto - Education Project Manager - Paidea sas

Benedetta Feroleto

Education Project Manager

I deal with Euro-planning, management of training projects, teacher training on the topics of storytelling and gamification. I like to discover and share new tools and new teaching strategies with educators to make lessons more active, innovative and above all engaging. Languages have always been my passion, in fact I graduated in English and Chinese. I really like traveling and discovering the cultures and cuisine of other countries. I am an animal lover and also a huge fan of TV series.

Antonia Di Giulio Cesare - European Project Manager  - Paidea sas

Antonia Di Giulio Cesare

European Project Manager

I have a degree in Local and Global Development. I have always been passionate about matters related to international cooperation, education and environmental sustainability. I deal with European planning and management of educational projects. I like traveling and discovering new cultures. I am extremely curious and in my free time I love capturing new landscapes through my camera and reading.

Alberto Di Pierro - Web Developer  - Paidea sas

Alberto Di Pierro

Web Developer

Programmer and (about to be) automation engineering graduate. I surf in the source code creating sites, apps and video games especially in the educational field. I deal with training in various IT-related sectors, such as website development, app and video game creation, coding, robotics, prototyping and 3D printing. I am a Roobopoli certified trainer, I love drones, robotics and video games.

Mario Capasso - 3D Designer  - Paidea sas

Mario Capasso

3D Designer

My name is Mario Alberto Capasso, I'm 23 and I'm a designer, more or less. I graduated in 2020 in design and communication and in the same year I started studying Blueprint programming on Unreal Engine to develop apps and video games. I mainly enjoy 3D modeling, composing cgi scenes, programming small games and strumming a couple of instruments.

Simone Cesarano - 3D Designer & CGI Artist - Paidea sas

Simone Cesarano

3D Designer & CGI Artist

3d modeler and sculptor, CGI artist, specializes in game design, texturing, vector graphics, and rendering.

Antonio Iacomino - Education Project Manager  - Paidea sas

Antonio Iacomino

Education Project Manager

A rugby referee, loves working in a team. Manages promotion and monitoring of education project while also handling the sourcing of equipments and didactic materials.