Economic and business management: directions for use in the digital transformation.

What is EGI-PLUS?

Egi plus is a digital book created to support students in the study of economics. The interactive e-learning book is designed to integrate and deepen the notion of economic and business management in the courses of economics and business management. 

The text, in particular, analyzes everything that is related to the word of business in the digital era: from digital marketing, to new fundraising tools; from digital transformation to blockchain, etc…

Egi plus is a book that is halfway between an e-book, which retains the peculiarity of being browsable on digital devices and an e-learning platform of which are typical self-evaluation quizzes and exercises (with related solutions). Having been created for students, finally, it retains the characteristics of a paper book as regards the possibility of emphasizing, highlighting and inserting notes.

Gamification and Storytelling

The contents are proposed with a simple graphic that is enriched by a character who accompanies the economics student in different scenarios (chapters). Each chapter recreates an environment full of interactive objects that lead to insight and real life cases. This allows the student to memorize the exposed concepts thanks to graphical references, examples and exercises.

Students' feedback

Today the textbook is used for deepening the economics subject in two courses of study for a total of 500 university students.

From the first results obtained by the students, following the administration of anonymous survey,  a good rating is/was found both in terms of content and ease/easy of use

Topics covered

  • The firm
  •  Objectives         
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Technologies and Smart Technologies
  • Markets, networks, ecosystems
  •  Strategies
  • Business model in the digital age                 
  • Planning and management control
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Supply and Logistics
  • Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Logistics
  • Finance and Crowdfunding
  • Organising
  • Innovation processes
  • Stage Gate and Funnel model
  • Open Innovation and Collaborative Innovation


Professor of Economics and Business Management

Professor of Economics and Business Management

Researcher in Economics and Business Management

Back Cover

The text proposes the main conceptual references of management studies and the practical applications of business management that describe the reality of today’s businesses. Changes in society and in the competitive environment, combined with digital transformation, create a new scenario in which companies are called upon to review their decision-making and operational activities. The revisiting of managerial principles and actions takes into account many new elements, including open innovation, customer experience, customer journey and the introduction of digital tools in business functions, including the management of relationships with customers, competitors and other actors that make up an increasingly complex ecosystem and harbinger of challenges and opportunities. The text is addressed to the students of the Courses of Economics and Business Management in several Bachelor’s Degree courses to offer an updated vision of managerial principles and contextualized in the competitive scenario of Industry 4.0, providing the opportunity to confront new digital and gaming tools for the development of learning modes and innovative skills.